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Sun sign


Career and Gains:
In January 2009, Venus transit over the ascendant, retrograded Saturn in 7th house, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu in 12th, Sun and Mars both in 11th house indicate auspicious transit hence the month of January would be an auspicious month in the sense that there will be sudden gains. But from February to April 2009, certain significant problems will disturb you including change of job or residence and heavy expenditure. Quarrels in the family and with colleagues are possible. After May 2009 till July 2009, situation may be in your favor and that will lead you to great respect and honor.

This period indicates that your relations with business associates, clients, employees and other concerned will improve to a great extent. You will be in control of situation again. This whole scenario will bring you to a leader like fame and image. It will make you to also lead a luxurious and easy life. The months of August and September 2009 would disturb you in career and finance and your colleagues may go against you. You may suffer some loss in business and image. You should take care of monetary matters as loss may occur due to this adverse period. You should avoid risky ventures and speculative tendencies. From October to December 2009, the period will be a rewarding one and income will start flowing in. You will be at good terms with foreigners and this will get you good business and blue-print will develop for new ventures. Those in service and seeking a better placement may achieve success and may get through interviews.

Personal and Social Life:
The starting of the year is going to be good for married life. Your love will be happy and closer to you and you will be enjoying all comforts with your spouse. The time is such that the understanding and affection part would go up. You both will reciprocate your feelings towards each other in a positive way. This will all lead you to a marital happiness. But second half of the year may bring marital discord and frequency of regular fights may be up. Those who are unmarried and looking for some matrimonial alliance will get a suitable match and those who are bored and looking for a love will also be happy and will win their love.

Education and Travels:
The month of January indicates discouraging results for students and needs more hard work, pre-planning and sincerity. From February till May 2009 the period will remain favorable for students. They will be able to concentrate on studies though tension would persist. The months of September and October 2009 will be troublesome hence extra care needs to be taken by students. Travels will be tiring, troublesome and unrewarding.

Health & Wellness:
In general the health would remain sensitive and the affected portions will remain as stomach, lower stomach, private parts and feet. You must take the things seriously and consult the doctor when and where needed.

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