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Sun sign

 ARIES - 2009

Career and Gains:
Jupiter, a planet which enhances grace and reputation of a person is already entering in Capricorn which would be in its deblitation. Even there would be good career opportunities during the middle of the year and relations with seniors would be improving day by day but due to debilitation it would be tough. An expansion in reputation is also seen throughout the year but one may face rough weather. It might be a good year for those who are in politics, management, administration, finance industry as they will gradually prove their mettle in their field. First half of the year 2009 would prove fantastic for entertainment industry.
From April till August 2009, it would further become difficult to remain stable in the market as difficulties would be on rise. During this period avoid risky investments and keep your hard-earned money in your pocket itself. Change in job or work would be cause of tensions and stress. But after August till the end of 2009 with would be a better peiod and circumstances would turn the luck in your favour.

Personal and Social Life:
During the 2009, your family-life will be little bit stressful as children will be suffering from bad health at home. You should also take care of the health of your mother. There also seem to be some celebration in the family. The performance of your children will be good and encouraging. You may also make a good spending on some renovations work at home. Year 2009 will provide you ample opportunities to travel abroad. Those who are unmarried and still looking for a suitable match may find a good life partner.

Education and Travels:
During 2009, retrograded Saturn would be transiting through the 5th house which would later move to Virgo on 9th of September. Jupiter, the karaka planet of education, would be in its debilitation and would be running in 10th house. Hence the above mentioned planetary position does not give a good indication in the field of your studies from January to March. Hence, students are advised to pay extra attention over the study. Only hard work and good management of time can help you as Sun and Mars both are transiting in auspicious houses who only through above method can give good results.

Health & Wellness:
You will have stomach related problems till October and after that period throat and lower stomach would become sensitive hence take care of your health during this period and take timely diet and medicines.

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