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Sun sign

CANCER - 2009

Career and Gains:
The transit of Sun and Mars over 6th house and transit of Jupiter and Mercury over the 7th house may bring fantastic results. Venus would be moving to 9th house on 27th of January 2009. Sun will enter into 7th house on 14th of January and Mars will also enter into 7th house on 27th of January 2009. Hence, by the end of January the relations with seniors may get spoilt and troubles will start at work place and this will continue till April 2009.

Hence, results would be less than the efforts made and even promotion, if expected, may not take place and seniors may cause hurdles in your promotion. Under stress you may even think of resigning but just avoid that decision. You are also advised to avoid speculations and control expenditures. But from May 2009 onwards many positive things you may hear from all angles and your luck will start favoring you. Salary hike and promotion including foreign travels may take place. But from August onwards things would return to the old pattern but level of troubles would be minor. Again the months from October onwards would bring normalcy to the financial status.

Personal and Social Life:
The first four months may cause stress to your married life and may bring you at the brink of separation from spouse. But if you pass through that tough period things will be normal and your married life would be on track. All singles of this ascendant would hear a good news as their search may end for life partner. From May 2009 onwards you may enjoy some memorable events and worldly comforts and may travel a long with your spouse to make it further memorable.

Education and Travel:
From January to April 2009 some troubles are seen in relation to education and the results you expect and things you plan may not fructify and results may be below expectation. All natives of this ascendant who are preparing for professional/vocational/business studies may get good results as Jupiter is passing through the 7th house, the house of profession. Be ready for travels and they are also going to be gainful.

Health & Wellness:
Just be careful of chronic and stomach relation problems. Avoid casual sexual encounters to be on the safer side otherwise some infectious disease may take you into its grip.

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