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Sun sign


Career and Gains:
The transit of Jupiter, Rahu, & Mercury over the ascendant, Mars and Sun in 12th, Venus in 2nd and Saturn in 8th house may cause many hurdles from various directions in your life and may make your life complicated. The directions from where you may earn displeasure are higher authorities, work place & family. The problems may become critical if not handled properly and judiciously for the first 3 months of the year 2009. You may also have some problems with government authorities. Your enemies may become powerful and you should try your level best to avoid any confrontation with them. April to August 2009 would again become somewhat relieving periods and would give some encouragement. Your efforts would minimize and results would improve.

Success and reputation after the months of March 2009 will come in a big way. It will enhance your self confidence. You may launch some new projects or ventures as the good period will reap good results. Seniors, if you are in service, would start favoring you. But after Septembers you will have to be extra cautious to avoid problems and tensions. Work pressure will increase and working conditions would get deteriorated and consequently the growth is bound to come down. The poor handling of pending work would become the cause of troubles to your clients. Don't try to quit or change the job. From October onwards till December 2009 things will change and comfortable situation will arise.

Personal and Social Life:
The beginning is going to be troublesome. Things may go out of hand due to pending solutions. Some people at home may create a situation where your relations with spouse will deteriorate and it may go to a stage where chances of separation may arise. Take care of health of your spouse. But from March onwards things will improve at home front and love life after some tensions will normalize. There will be a great role of your sincere efforts in normalizing the things.

Education and Travels:
The things will remain normal at education front and success in exams and interviews will be achieved. Capricorn born natives would be performing very well. Your hard work and immense knowledge may out you on a big way.

Health & Wellness:
You should be remain extra cautious where your health is concerned. Cautions have to be taken till August 2009. Health may mount up your expenditures. But from September 2009 onwards things will get balanced and you may start enjoying a good health.

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