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Sun sign

GEMINI - 2009

Career and Gains:
Ascendant lord mercury would be in Capricorn in the beginning of the year 2009. It will back-track to Sagittarius in its retrograde motion on 26th of January 2009. Your efforts though would bring good results but your enemies will interfere and would bring trouble to your business and you should also remain vigilant as Government departments may cause you uncomforting as Sun would be aspecting this ascendant and Jupiter is going to be in 8th that too in its debilitation along with Rahu. However, two major beneficial planets for Gemini ascendant, Saturn and Venus are transiting in 3rd and 9th house respectively which are a good relief to the native. In totality, one can see a number of problems regarding career, finance and reputation. You would be dominated by rivals and competitors.

Due to planetary transit first two months of the year i.e. January-February may not be good and hence caution should be exercised. Therefore, chances of promotion or salary increment are low. March to June 2009 would be a good period for gain of money and property, fame, position, promotion and honor and at last you can relax and enjoy the success.
Career and finance would give full tension in September and October 2009, but again the months of November and December 2009 would bring tremendous success, promotion, career opportunities and finest sources of income.

Personal and Social Life:
The first five months i.e. January to May 2009 would be a critical period in relation to your love or married life. You would be in deep troubles due to lack of understanding with love/life partner which can only be resolved amicably. Your children will understand you better if you behave in a good manner to them.

Education and Travels:
First six months of the year 2009 will remain troublesome in relation to education either academic or competitive and the reasons mostly will remain unknown and beyond reach which you can overcome only through your self confidence. However, the last phase of the year would prove outstanding.

Health & Wellness:
Health-wise you should remain vigilant in regard to lower abdominal part, chest, throat, etc but in overall the whole year would prove comfortable.

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