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Sun sign

LEO - 2009

Career and Gains:
Till 14th of January 2009, ascendant lord Sun would be transiting in 5th house which gives happy go merry status though financially this may not be considered a good transit of Sun. But after 14th of January when Sun enters into 6th house it gives encouraging results. The presence of Jupiter and Mercury in 6th house and of Venus in the 7th indicates that first 3 month of 2009 are going to support your career and finances a lot. Those who are in service would be getting expected promotion. Salary hike and sudden promotions will improve your financial position. Hence, financially, this is an encouraging period. You are going to get offers for new job with better packages, etc. Businessmen may also enter into new profitable ventures.

Those in service sector may have the reason to smile as many new customers may show faith in you and existing may feel slightly more satisfied with your services. Again next two months i.e. April and May 2009 may prove slow professionally. Under stress you need not invest into glittering ventures as their sheen and stabilility may fade soon. But from June onwards till the end of the year 2009 just be confident as this whole period will bring much success than ever and that zoom is guaranteed.

Your social life will take new dimensions and as a result you will have to travel more and meeting more and more people which consequently may explore new possibilities to expand your working.

Personal and Social Life:
First 4 months till April 2009 are unfavorable months for married or love life and frequent troubles may give you jerks. But, from May 2009 normalcy would prevail. You will get good respect from children and family life is going to be a happier one. If you are single and looking for a life partner, your search may end now.

Education and Travels:
The period till 14th of April 2009 seems to be a difficult period in regard to education and interviews. Put in more efforts to get better results and try to concentrate more on studies. From mid-April till December 2009, a good period starts in respect of educational matters. Traveling is going to be average one and you will spend more and more time with your family.

Health & Wellness:
You are sensitive to pains in different parts of your body viz. backbone, chest, heart, lower stomach and ENT etc. Avoid carelessness and take proper medication to have a better control and easy life.

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