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Sun sign

LIBRA - 2009

Career and Gains:
During the beginning of the year, the presence of ascendant lord Venus in 5th House. Mars and Sun in 3rd house, Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter in 4th and retrograded Saturn in 11th house is good and indicate success in all spheres. A possibility of change of residence is also seen and may be a distant city or state and the change appears to be beneficial in career. There also appears that change will be after promotion.

The above transit also indicates that the Virgo ascendant people may gain through share market, lottery and even through sale and purchase of property and the level of earnings would be quite hefty. At work place your performance will get recognition. Hence in overall one can expect good results in career and finance. Others will feel good in your company as you give them the reason to smile.

You may do many favors for others now, and these will be returned later. This is also a good time to work out the kinks in existing relationships. This period can bring money or other possessions that you value. But it also brings such a feeling of ease that you may spend it all immediately. Try to bear in mind that such wealth will not always come to you this easily. During the middle of the year, you would be facing some sudden troubles and delay in day to day pursuits. From July onwards you will have to be extra careful as some rivalry may take place and your image may be tarnished at work place and at some point they may succeed in doing so. But, from 16th August as Mars and Moon enter 9th house and transit along with Venus may bring some good news and you may have the reason to travel abroad officially and will prove a milestone in your future ahead. The transit of Ketu in the house of profession put some extra responsibilities in official matters but that will prove good finally. The transit of Sun and Mercury along with Saturn may give you some problem at Government level but ultimately you will get benefit from all directions.

Personal and Social Life:
Till May 2009 you may experience heated arguments at home and the atmosphere will generally be dry. Hence married life will remain tense and troublesome and atmosphere will remain disturbed. There might be a lack of mutual understating and cooperation. But after May 2009 no major trouble is visible as transit improves. You will also have joyful travels with your spouse in the later part of the year.

Education and Travels:
From January to April 2009, the period is good and encouraging for students and Libra born may experience positive outcome. The good and positive results will be the outcome of hard work you have done in your studies and exams. You would be praised by your teachers and your parents and it will prove helpful in achieving desired results. However, during the later part of the year you will experience some troubles in education. Chances of traveling would increase by the end of the year and these journeys probably would be to foreign lands.

Health & Wellness:
The stomach and chest would be the vulnerable parts in health matters in the initial part of the year but gradually the things will improve and you will become energetic to achieve your targets with full force.

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