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Sun sign

SCORPIO - 2009

Career and Gains:
In the beginning of the year 2009, the transit of Ascendant lord Mars along with Sun in 2nd house, Rahu, Jupiter and Mercury in 3rd, Venus is in 4th and Saturn transit in 10th house would bring some changes in professional life and probably these changes would be negative. Career growth would be very slow. But from February till June you would be doing well. Long-awaited wishes are likely to be fulfilled. You will gradually become powerful and your words would be valued by every one. Religious and charitable expenses are also seen in the days to come and you will be invited by some religious Trust to shoulder the responsibility.

Your success is definitely assured. Your ideas will take a shape and your ventures will therefore become successful. Your relations with seniors and government officials will improve to a good level. You are advised to make the best use of this time. Hence forth next few months from July onwards will bring pressure to your pockets and money will start flowing through the hole. Your management would weaken and graph of success would slide a bit. Avoid taking risk during this period but later on November and December are positive and favorable and you may expect positive change in the pattern.

Personal and Social Life:
The months of April and May 2009 may bring tensions in married life with the entry of Sun in 6th house and transit of Rahu in 3rd and Mars in 4th would encourage the hot arguments and heated exchanges. Your love would feel upset with your behavior and attitude. There would be lack of understanding in between you and your spouse and quarrels would be on minor issues.

Education and Travels:
The first 3 months of the year would be bit tough but after that students are going to perform well and will prove their mettle through their hard work. Their results would be quite promising and encouraging and they will do well in most of the subjects and will come out with flying colors. Science and math's students will be doing well in comparison to commerce students. Chances of long distances journeys would be very high and even you may also plan a foreign trip.

Health & Wellness:
Health would be more or less okay except some small concerns that too in the first half of the year but the second half of the year would bestow good health to you.

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