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Sun sign

TAURUS - 2009

Career and Gains:
People with Taurus Ascendant and who are in glamour, media, entertainment and film industry would have an excellent beginning this year. From 27th of January 2009 to 31st of May 2009 ascendant lord Venus would be going over the Pisces which is its exalted sign. This is a very good transit of Venus. The above said fields would have a booming effect. Those who are in Film Industry would be reaping good benefits and female artists would do well in comparison to their male counterparts. Producers may also make good money. Audience may get some award-winning good movies. Entertainment will get a guaranteed success till May 2009. In overall, this period and the year as a whole is going to be the year of women power and glamour though the beginning would be tough as Sun and Mars would be in 8th house and these two planets give confidence and courage.

The friends would prove a good help. Various auspicious events may take place this year e.g. marriage etc and many other wealth generating programs may start and few vehicles may join your cavalcade. But the month of June 2009 may prove to be complicated one and if some launching of new project is to be done that should be avoided. However, after June 2009 to the end of the year everything would again run smooth.

Personal and Social Life:
The atmosphere at domestic front is not going to be comfortable as Mars the lord of 7th will be posited in the 8th along with Sun the lord of 4th. The 4th house is also afflicted as Saturn is transiting through the 4th. There would be series of troubles in the family including spoiling of relations with your spouse and other family members. People with Taurus ascendant are also advised to make adjustments in love matters and must avoid being rash with partner. All unmarried people of Taurus Ascendant shall be ready for their turn as good news is on the way. The period from March onwards would be encouraging for improvement in personal relationships.

Education and Travels:
Taurus born natives are going to hear good news on this front as transit of planets is favorable this time and such natives will gain substantial success this year not only in academic but in competitive exams also. Scholarship are also on your way as part of the encouragement. You might get curious to learn serious subjects. If you are appearing in some examination for a job, you might get the job passing the competitive exam.

Health & Wellness:
Health is going to be a matter of concern in the beginning of the year and in the middle of the year as some water-born disease may overcome you in the middle of the year. You must avoid non-veg. items especially fish etc from the middle onwards of this year.

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