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Sun sign

VIRGO - 2009

Career and Gains:
Mars and Sun are both transiting the 4th house, Jupiter is in 5th along with Rahu, and Saturn is in 12th house. The overall planetary position is not much encouraging. The initial two month of January and February indicate much efforts and little gains. There are possibilities of change in job or residence. You should avoid speculations and you are not going to gain much out of it and hence financially you seem to be in a tight corner.

From March till May 2009 you will observe changes in your financial status and career prospects would brighten. Money flow is going to be normal. People in liaison with Government departments will gain success in deals they are longing for. Old loans if any would be cleared and new if you have already demanded would be sanctioned. June and July months may give you some tension financially but from August onwards speculative gains would ease your tensions. Property if any you are interested to sell off will fetch you good amount. An expansion of business etc. is likely to take place and will get good links at government and personal level.

Personal and Social Life:
From January till June 2009, it is going to be a tough period on domestic front. There will be hot arguments and frequent fights and even a stage may come where chances of separation or break-up may also be there. But from July 2009 onwards you will find very positive changes including understanding and good rapport with spouse. You will find unexpected success and achievements and even recognition without efforts, pleasure, prosperity and gain of wealth.

Education and Travel:
After June 2009 a very positive transit of planets indicates that those students who are aspiring for admission in higher studies at abroad may get a good chance to get admitted. Those who are in the field of sports will get a good rise and standing in this field. Studies of social sciences and humanities will also get good results. Virgo born students would be in good position in higher studies. There are strong possibilities of long distance journeys or even transfer.

Health & Wellness:
You will enjoy good health during 2009 but there are chances that during first half of the year you might suffer some disease relating to chest, stomach and feet. Hence all Virgo natives should remain careful if such kind of trouble they face during this period.

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