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Sun sign


Aries  Horoscope 2011
Jupiter, a planet which enhances grace and reputation of a person is already entering in Capricorn which would be in its deblitation. Even there would be good career opportunities during the middle of the year and relations with seniors would be improving day by day but due to debilitation it....More

Taurus  Horoscope 2011
People with Taurus Ascendant and who are in glamour, media, entertainment and film industry would have an excellent beginning this year. From 27th of January 2011 to 31st of May 2011 ascendant lord Venus would be going over the Pisces which is its exalted sign. This is a very good transit of Venus....More

Gemini  Horoscope 2011
Ascendant lord mercury would be in Capricorn in the beginning of the year 2011. It will back-track to Sagittarius in its retrograde motion on 26th of January 2011. Your efforts though would bring good results but your enemies will interfere and would bring trouble to your business....More

Cancer  Horoscope 2011
The transit of Sun and Mars over 6th house and transit of Jupiter and Mercury over the 7th house may bring fantastic results. Venus would be moving to 9th house on 27th of January 2011. Sun will enter into 7th house on 14th of January and Mars will also enter into 7th house on 27th of January 2011....More

Leo  Horoscope 2011
Till 14th of January 2011, ascendant lord Sun would be transiting in 5th house which gives happy go merry status though financially this may not be considered a good transit of Sun. But after 14th of January when Sun enters into 6th house it gives encouraging results....More

Virgo  Horoscope 2011
Mars and Sun are both transiting the 4th house, Jupiter is in 5th along with Rahu, and Saturn is in 12th house. The overall planetary position is not much encouraging. The initial two month of January and February indicate much efforts and little gains. There are possibilities of change in job...More

Libra  Horoscope 2011
During the beginning of the year, the presence of ascendant lord Venus in 5th House. Mars and Sun in 3rd house, Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter in 4th and retrograded Saturn in 11th house is good and indicate success in all spheres. A possibility of change of residence is also seen...More

Scorpio Horoscope 2011
In the beginning of the year 2011, the transit of Ascendant lord Mars along with Sun in 2nd house, Rahu, Jupiter and Mercury in 3rd, Venus is in 4th and Saturn transit in 10th house would bring some changes in professional life and probably these changes would be negative. Career growth would be very slow....More

Sagittarius  Horoscope 2011
You will find yourself in a very positive mode by the beginning of the year 2011 as the planetary position is very favorable. Confidence level would be very high and it will make you comfortable. You will have more opportunities of promotion and salary increments and the jump....More

Capricorn Horoscope 2011
The transit of Jupiter, Rahu, & Mercury over the ascendant, Mars and Sun in 12th, Venus in 2nd and Saturn in 8th house may cause many hurdles from various directions in your life and may make your life complicated. The directions from where you may earn displeasure are higher authorities...More

Aquarius  Horoscope 2011
In January 2011, Venus transit over the ascendant, retrograded Saturn in 7th house, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu in 12th, Sun and Mars both in 11th house indicate auspicious transit hence the month of January would be an auspicious month in the sense that there will be sudden gains. But from February to April 2011...More

Pisces  Horoscope 2011
The beginning of the year would be great as the transit is very much favorable. Mars and Sun, both shall be transiting over the 10th house, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu will be over the 11th house, Saturn would be passing through the 6th house and Venus over the 12th house. It makes the period of January...More

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